Tamur River

Details Itinery
1st Day:Drive from Kathmandu to Basantapur via Dharan.
2nd Day:Arrive Basantapur and prepare for trekking and camp.
3rd Day :Trek from Basantapur to Mangalbare about 5 hours and camp.
4th Day:Trek from Mangalbare to Guphapokhari about 5 hours and camp.
5th Day:Trek from Guphapokhari to Gorja about 5 hours and camp.
6th Day: Trek from Gorja to Dobhan about 3 hours and camp.
7th Day:Rafting starts at Tamur river. Run class 4/5 rapids and camp at Kabelidobhan.
8th Day:Rafting whitewater section and camp nearby Koya River bank.
9th Day:Raft down calm section and camp at Dumre.
10th Day :Rafting the continues whitewater rapids of Tamor river and camp near Tribenighat
11th Day:Rafting about 3 hours and finish at Chatara. Drive back to Kathmandu.

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