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Nepal is the museum of the human races or even said as the anthropological pilgrimage and carries long history of civilization, culture, tradition, politics and heritage along with amazing diversities. Nepal offers you the most impressive Tour opportunities with many heritage sites and shrines filled with myth and belief. Our specialized tour programmers will enhance your lifetime experience.
In religion and spirituality, a pilgrimage is a long journey or search of great moral significance. Sometimes, it is a journey to a shrine of importance to a person's beliefs and faith. Members of many major religions participate in pilgrimages. A person who makes such a journey is called a pilgrime.
Time to Time Tours and Travels (P) Ltd offers four sites of  Buddhist pilgrimage tour :  Swoyambhunath,Boudhnath, CharuMati Stupa,Naghal Stupa, Mahaboudha on Patan,NamoBoudha ,worlad peace stupa in Pokhara,the Buddha's birthplace at Lumbini, the site where he attained Enlightenment at BodhGaya, where he first preached at Sarnath, and where he achieved Parnirvana at Kusinagar.
BouddhanathStupalies lies about 6 km east of downtown Kathmandu and is the largest stupain the Valley and one of the largest in the world.Itlooms 36 meters high and presents one of the most fascinating specimens of stupadesign with hundreds of prayer wheels and 108 small images of Buddha all around. Just like the Swayambhunath, the stupahere is too has four sides with the watchful eyes of Lord Buddha. All the Buddhist throng to this stupato take part in the sacred rituals during the Buddhist festivals.aWorld Heritage Site is also known as Khasti. There are more than 45 Buddhist monasteries in the area. Many have schools that teach young monks like those pictured here.
Charumati Stupa
The stupa of Chabahil which is also called Charumati Stupa named after the daughter of Buddhist emperor Ashoka who joined him on his trip to the Kathmandu Valley in 250 b.c. The stupa not far from Pashupatinath is said to be erected by Charumati. Charumati stayed in the Kathmandu Valley after she married a local prince. A recently found Brahmi inscription with her name should underline this story.
watches over the Valley from the top of a hillrock on its western side just three kilometers west of the city center. The stupais one of the holiest Buddhist sites in Nepal and its establishment is linked to the creation of the Kathmandu Valley out of a primordial lake.Swayambhuis also known as Samhenguand is listed as a World Heritage Site. It is also one of the oldest and glorious Buddhist shrines in the world which is said to be two thousand years.Thefour sides of the stupais painted with the eyes of Lord Buddha and the temple is also known as the watchful eyes of Buddha.
Naghal Stupa( Kathesimbu)
Kathesimbu Stupa is situated in the Naghal district of Kathmandu. It was built for those who could not make the journey to visit Swayambhu, as it is located on a high hill. This reproduction of Swayambhu is practically hidden in the middle of old Kathmandu and this fact makes it extremely interesting.
Pharping is an ancient renowned city situated in Southern Region of Kathmandu. It was popular with the name "Shikharapuri Mahanagari (Metropolitan City)" which was recognized as an independent state with 48000 people in ancient time. So "Shikharapur" is an ancient name of Pharping village. Shikharapur was independent Newari State when Gopaleshowr Temple was in the middle of Pharping. It was an established state at that time when Kathmandu Valley was a lake. It is said there was no existence of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur. Later Goddess Manjushree cut the Chobhar gorge and the water of valley flowed outside then after valley became suitable to stay. Hence, Pharping has its own ancient history, so, it is considered as a History of Village. It's also said that Great Gurus of Hinduism and Buddhism get enlightened at Pharping. It's also famous as a religious place. For example; Great Guru Padmasambhava got enlightened at Asura Cave, Gorakhanath and Sheshnarayan Cave at Pharping. It's important religious place for Buddhist pilgrimages as well.
MahaBoudha Bihar,Patan
Mahabouddhacan be reached by walking east from the southern end of Durbar Square and then turning right at the sunken water taps. This Buddhist monument is an excellent example of terra cotta art form which points to the skill of Patan’sancient craftsmen with a variety of building styles. The 14th century monument’s obelisk-like design is also unusual in a city of pagoda roofs.
NamoBuddha is a very sacred place for the Buddhists. The Stupasituated just off to the downtown Kathmandu is visited by scores of pilgrims every year. There is a legend behind the reverence of this place. According to the Buddhist legend, the King Mahasattvagave his body to a hungry tigress at this place. His reliquary Stuparemained underground for centuries. One day a hermit called Bhagavan(Sakyamuni) came to this site and got attracted to the bulge. It is said that he clapped his hands, and miraculously the Stupaappeared.Itis also 3 hours hike from the Dhulikhel.

     6Night 7Days  
      (By Surface Tour)
1st  Day

Kathmandu On arrival at airport, traditional welcome and transfer to the hotel. Rest of the day of leisure., tour briefing -,dinner and overnight at hotel.
2nd  Day
Early morning ,After breakfast departure to Charumati stupa visit, Boudhnath Stupa,swoyambhunath  Stupa & Naghal Stupa , tour briefing -,dinner and overnight at   hotel.
 3rd Day
Early Morning  After Breakfast Departure to  Mahaboudha Bihar in Patan lalitpur, than  Chobhar gerg ,Pharping stupa return kathmandu, tour briefing-dinner and overnight at  hotel.
(if you want to bouddhist meditation at pharping also we can provided it will be optional)
4th Day
Early morning  after departure  to Namoboudha ,tour briefing -,dinner and overnight at Kathmandu hotel.
5th Day
 Early Morning Departure to Ruru kshetra  tour briefing -,dinner and overnight at Ridi Bazar hotel.
6th Day
Day Time visit rest of day
7th Day
If you are interested Mountain Flight ( it's optional) than after breakfast .
Transferred to the airport for onward destination.

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